Just Who Has Written This Thing?

My name is Lynden Swift  and I have worked in homelessness for over a decade in a variety of roles for local authorities around the south of England. My roles have included carrying out homeless application assessments at s184 level, developing and implementing homeless policies, managing local authority housing departments and conducting s202 reviews of homeless decisions. I have delivered extensive training on homelessness law and practice for both housing options staff and social services staff. My current business; Green Yaffle, is founded on the sharing of knowledge and the enabling of individuals to achieve their potential. This course and book is part of that ethos.

To help make the book Get Housed as useful and practical as possible, let me know your suggestions and ideas of what you need when assisting people. Let me know what you would find most helpful, what in the book wasn’t useful to you or wasn’t easy to understand and what you would like to see included. It will all help to improve future editions to make it as useful to you as I can.  Contact me via the contact form or at lyndenswift (at) gethoused.co.uk

Full credit for the fantastic header image on this website goes to user jsome1 on flkr: http://bit.ly/1h0LX3T