What Get Housed Will Show You

How To Challenge and Win Local Authority Homeless Decisions

Contents of Get Housed

The Get Housed book contains detailed and easy to understand information on all of the subjects listed below from the contents page. Each subject is covered in a way that gives you everything you need to know to challenge any local council housing department to get your homeless application taken, get it reviewed and ultimately, win at review if not at the initial decision level. No other book presents the real, on the ground information that really works in the field, that the Get Housed book does. If you need housing or you work with people who do, you need this book.


1. Gatekeeping and the Prevention of Homelessness Applications

2. Homelessness or Prevention

3. An Overview: How Homelessness Works
- The Five Tests
- The Five Duties

4. The Initial Duties
The Application Threshold
The Accommodation Threshold

5. How to Challenge the Initial Duties
Judicial Review
The Value of Learning the Judicial Review Process

6. The Main Duties: The Five Tests of Homeless Law

7. Eligibility (and how to be eligible)
Quick and simple guide to EEA eligibility
Challenging EEA Eligibility Decisions

8. Homelessness
Rights to occupy
Movable structures
Housing Orders

9. Priority Need
Automatic Priority Need & How To Challenge
Discretionary Priority Need & How To Challenge
Key Concept: Evidencing Vulnerability
The Discretionary Priority Need Tests
How to Use These Challenges

10. Intentionality
The 6 Point Test of Intentionality
Challenging Intentionality
General Ways Around Intentionality

11. Local Connection

12. Powers To Accommodate
Following a Non Priority and Non Intentionally Homeless Decision
Pending the Outcome of a S202 Review

13. s202 Review Decisions
What Decisions Can Be Reviewed
What Decisions Cannot Be Reviewed
The Review Process & Time-line
How To Challenge & Win Reviews
What each decision letter should contain
s8, Minded-to and Oral Hearings

14. Challenging Discharges of Duty
How to Challenge
Discharge of Interim Duty: A Myth
Discharge of Duty: Part 6 or PRSO
Discharge of Duty following a Part 6 Offer
Discharge of Duty following a PRSO
Discharge of Duty following Refusal of Temporary Accommodation
Discharge of Duty if Homeless Intentionally from Temporary Accommodation
Discharge of Duty due to Abandonment

15. Principles of Administrative Law

16. Further Reading